Quality And Value

The Pednekar Jewellers are the Oldest and most trusted jewellers known for its Quality and Uniqueness with versatile unseen designs and smooth services. We only use the best quality of materials to create exquisite Unseen jewellery for our customers. We assure you that you will have no complaints with our best customer services having proper policies and highest standards of artwork of jewellery that we offer.

The Pednekar Jewellers believes in trust and transparency between the relationships of customers providing them with the highest quality of pure gold, silver and platinum in the form of exquisite unique jewellery. Honesty of our services are the wholesome reason for trust held by thousands of customers.

Since 1989, honesty has been guiding us in every aspect of our business. Our ultimate motive is to provide the highest quality of raw materials to the finished product with honest transactions with customers.

We offer gold in 18k and 22k jewellery, and pure 24k gold. To ensure the quality, all the jewellery is displayed with the hallmark and pre-selected diamonds are tested for quality in terms of the cut and clarity, the diamonds are then evaluated based on a standardized grading scale. Our honesty and your trust is what Pednekar Jewellery is made of.